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Magna International offers a wide range of chemical products and solutions for industrial applications, commercial and consumer markets. As a R&D based manufacturer, Magna continues to add value to its existing products to meet the demands of the industry.


Magna is a leading developer of cleaning and maintenance solutions, and has a line of over 200 cleaning and maintenance chemicals which include water treatment, aerosol products, fuel treatment, disinfectants and sanitizers.

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Vappro offers a wide range of environmentally friendly VCI(Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor) products and solutions suited for industrial, commerical and defense industries.

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Anti-corrosion products produced from Vappro masterbatch can be formulated to meet or conform to U.S. Military specification and its formulated finished products are listed on the NATO MCRL.

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Lupromax oil additives are proprietary lubricants and additives using Heat Activated Technology to meet today's sophisticated lubrication needs.

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Vappro-CRI products have been developed by Magna to combat corrosion, rehabilitate and repair concrete structures.

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